It’s all in the detail

We keep a range of pre-loved/restored stock which is constantly changing, so if you don’t see what you want, just ask. We also keep a large stock of used items ready to be restored, so you can even choose an item and have it painted and decaled how you want it. Like the guy we done the Kenny Roberts race replica colours floorlamp for, to compliment the motorcycle he had restored. Vintage of the pieces can vary, with a lot of more modern pieces available at lower prices.

There are also items for sale with no decals and some classic designer pieces from yesteryear.


Relics Revived was born out of the love of motorcycles and all things old. In our throw away society being able to restore older items and keep them alive is a pleasure and gives huge job satisfaction. Some people prefer to have their items with the original rust and patina, others like them to be shiny, working and as if they had just bought them from a shop. I’m the latter, but I do love a bit of rust too. 

With 30 years experience on the tools and with product, we’re able to produce restorations within a sensible budget to suit all, and often help people with their own projects by restoring individual items that are beyond their means. This enables people to continue with their dreams. We have a network of local tradesman to assist us with powdercoating, chroming, etc, so very few jobs are un-achievable. 


Unique mancave memorabilia started when I restored some antique fans for myself. A friend saw them and asked if I could do some for him in motorcycle colours with logos. He showed them to someone else who wanted one, and the rest is history. It started with motorcycles and soon spread to automobile, gas & oil, earth moving, farm equipment and pretty much anything that people asked for. 

Unique mancave memorabilia are perfect gifts for the gal who loves beautiful classic restored pieces in the house or for the guy who thinks he has everything in his mancave. Bet he hasn’t got one of these! Or have a piece painted in your company colours and logo as a talking point or statement piece in the office. The idea’s are endless


All of the items are stripped, sandblasted back to bare metal (some acid dipped). A coat of POR 15 rust preventative sealant is applied, 2 pac paint for toughness and durability, decals fitted, and then 2 pac clear coated over the top, so the decals wont lift or fade. Mechanical and electrical components are cleaned, checked and replaced where necessary. And finally rebuilt and tested.


We don’t use body filler to hide dings and dents, they are beaten out and sanded, and the cast items retain their original rough cast finish and character. Please remember you are buying a second hand item so imperfections are possible. If you want something perfect, then IKEA’s the place for you.


Riding and restoring motorcycles is something I hold very dear to my heart. Starting my career as a motorcycle technician in the UK, the love has never dwindled and these jobs are still my favourite. Although I have done older, 70’s and 80’s Japanese is my passion, as these were the bikes I cut my teeth on as an apprentice way back when. I have created a large network of parts suppliers all over the world to assist with the parts which cannot be sourced here in Australia. And if you have restored a bike and tried to find the parts here then you’ll know how frustrating and impossible it can be sometimes. I suppose we do have to thank the world wide web for the improvements it has made in being able to source these parts and make more projects achievable.


One off furniture stems from the love of re-purposing.  To be able to find an old  beaten up piece and give it a new lease of life with a modern twist is a buzz. From the Singer sewing machine bases found in grandma’s shed with an antique or vintage tabletop refinished and fitted, to the 50’s  gramaphone cases, when they’re in a terrible way, gutted, cut down, and rebuilt to house  the x-box, media player and flat screen TV.  And why ? Well you try and find a suitable piece of furniture of vintage era to suite your decor and put these items on and in. They don’t exist, just like your media equipment didn’t exist in the 50’s.